Where aru thou?

The things you want me to say, I just can't handle getting the words out of my mouth...

I'm wating for you, thinking of you.
Longing for the sound of your vioce.
Your gentle voice, forming words.
Your words, those who mean the world to me.
You'll always be the missing part to happyness.
The one missing brick in the pussle.
The one.

I'm falling down now, where are you?
You, who were supposed to catch me.
Where are you, the angel, with the wings spread?
I want to know you'll be there for me, always.
Wating, with a steady hand for me to hold on to.
The very hand that was made for me.
Safety inpersonated.

Please, come back some day?


Stavas MOA

Fuck, rädsla, ångest, piss va de går åt helvete!
Vart tar all min tid vägen?
Rädsla, rädsla, ångest!
Shit, va faaan!!
Ångest, ångest, paranoid...

<somebody, calm me down?>

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